Frequently Asked Questions

Smash Crate is the only subscription service specifically catering to Super Smash Bros gaming community. We feature the works of community artists and content creators so you get awesome, unique items each month and get to support the amazing Smash community.

Fill out our short preferences survey for your subscription and then we will curate and send you awesome Smash items every month! Shipping lists are finalized on the 1st of each month and shipments go out by the 14th.

For new subscribers, your first shipment always goes out the month after you initially sign up.

Even if you find all the items in any individual Smash Crate, the total MSRP value will be equal to or greater than your subscription cost. Your savings are even better when you take into account only paying for shipping once, instead of separately for each item. The real reason though is to help new Smash artists gain exposure and get started.

Cancelling your subscription prevents your subscription from renewing. This means you won't be charged again and won't have any more future shipments created in our system. Cancelling your subscription does not cancel any existing shipments or issue you a refund. If you want to cancel existing shipments or get a refund before your Crate ships out, email us at [email protected] and we'll get it sorted out.

Follow these steps to cancel your subscription:

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click the "Edit" button in the "Your Subscription(s)" section
  3. Click the "Cancel Subscription" button towards the bottom of the page
  4. Select the reason for your cancellation in the dropdown menu, let us know how we could've done better, and click the "Yes, Please Cancel" button to confirm your choice

You can definitely skip months as needed on your active subscription. Just go into your account page and you will see the option to skip a shipment when editing a specific subscription.

We get the items that go into each Crate in bulk orders from artists and content creators all over the world. They ship their goods to us and then we repackage them into individual Crates based on your survey questions. The shipping charges you pay for help cover the cost of getting the items to us initially and then to you afterwards.

Yes! We support Smash communities all over the world. Shipping time varies on destination. Shipping charges are a flat $15 USD to Canada and $20 USD to anywhere else in the world.

You can sign up and cancel your subscription immediately after, but be sure to clarify that in your cancellation note. Email us if you have any issues or just want to confirm things :)

Unfortunately, we don't have the ability to handle returns currently. Let us know at [email protected] though and we can find a way to make the situation right! You'll never receive the same exact items in your Smash Crates.

Email us at [email protected] with the title "Product Partner Application - YOUR NAME". Please include any links to relevant works or any online merchandise you already sell. If you're just getting started, don't worry! We're friendly and are happy to work out a good fit.

Thanks! Check out our Patreon page for ways to help keep Smash Crate going!